Tip # 6 – Let Go and Let God

Look to God for your fulfillment.  In the past Will and I used to get mad at each other…Why didn’t she do this, why didn’t he say that, why didn’t he take out the trash…why does he have to work so much?  Sometimes we snap because we are not fulfilled somewhere else personally, so we take it out on each other.  Maybe Will had a bad day with work and he looks to me to fulfill the lost needs. I get stressed out when Will gets flustered over business and the need to succeed.  Sometimes I even tell my husband that I wish he would just give up (even though he feels he is serving God’s purpose).  We should not look at our spouses to fulfill us.  We need to turn our eyes on God to find that fulfillment.  In times of strife, in times of stress…God is the answer.  He did not give us our spouse to solve all our problems and to fix everything.  God is all we need.  So next time you fight with your spouse or feel overwhelmed with life, turn to God and ask him to take care of it.  Ask God to change your spouse or to bring Stop expecting your spouse to make everything better and do what your want.  Lay your burdens on God and your marriage will prosper!

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