1000 Things I am thankful for!


1. God..First and Foremost in my life

2.  My husband and best friend

3. My children, who keep me on my toes and challenge my every being, but whom i love with every inch of my body

4. A car that runs…during financially difficult times having one car is working out just fine

5. Heat…after living in Colorado and Idaho. I welcome the 100 degree temps and running in tank tops!

6.  My tennis shoes.  They are wearing out quickly but I log lots and lots of miles in them!

7. My parents.

8.  My sister and my best friend

9. The president…believe it or not, we should pray for Obama during these difficult times.

10.  Our future president….Ok, a little humor here!  But, I pray that God will guide our next president to make decisions that will help improve our state of economy!

11.  Cookie Dough…Oh how I love my cookie dough.  I may feel fat the next day but while I am eating you…ahhhh, pure Bliss!

12.  My parents…I wish we lived closer to eachother.  Do you think if I moved to Austin they would follow?  Oh, wait, I said them twice!!

13.  Our preacher Pastor Carl, whom is an amazing preacher, and I feel his message each week transcending through my veins.

14.  Thankful for other bloggers.

15. My friendship with Terry (also a relative and employer)

16.  Doors that close in my face and doors that creep open!

17.  Joseph Prince…seriously…love the work his is doing for God! Watch him on tv, read his books.

18. Bottled Flavored Sparkling water….I need to drink more water but really dont like plain water much anymore..

19.  Andrew’s smile…When he laughs he laughs with his whole body! Love my sons

20.  A husband who is compassionate.

21.  Jogging Strollers!!

22.  Ronald McDonald House – We havent had to personally stay there, but we have been volunteering there.  So many people give to the organization and so many families are provided for through this organization.

21.  SIppy Cups – If you are a mom then you really appreciate these

22.  My mom – I cant remember if I already said that, but when I am not feeling well she is always so supportive and lifts me back up.  Thanks Mom!

23.  Our service men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our country

24.  Church…

25.  Great Credit!  LOL  well, I worked really hard for it :)

26.  Grandparents.  They always find the best in everything you do.

27.  forgiveness

28.  Twitter…I have found links to so many inspiring blogs

29.  Stay at home moms…

30. My health

31.  patience

32.  heat

33.  all the new bible sites on the web…biblegateway.com

34…MY HUSBAND…again…because when I cant figure something out, he usually can!

35.  cousins.  my cousin is getting married in June and I am helping with her pictures and bridal shower and having so much fun

36.  Turket Sausage breakfast sandwiches YUMMO!

37.  my new samsung galaxy 4g phone…love it!

38.  coffee- Did I say that already?

39.  the Bible.  We are trying to read it each day to get through the entire bible in two years.








  1. Carrie says:

    You made my day daughter, now I will be thankful if you will tolerate the cold and get your family back to Idaho, we miss the family. Love you, Mom

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